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Our mission is to provide healing art to those who are hurting that may not usually be able to afford it. At-risk youth, senior citizens on a fixed income, and persons with disabilities are just a few populations who need encouragement through creativity and counseling. Doing art in conjunction with sharing emotions can help people gain insights and new perspectives in life, and gain hope in situations where they feel overwhelmed and stuck. Learning simple art techniques can open a new world of expression  and yield a sense of accomplishment when guided by an experienced art therapist. It is amazing to watch a life positively change through the use of paint, crayons, and markers!

Anne M. Wallace, M.Ed., M.A., LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Professional Art Therapist

Certified Sp.Ed. Teacher

Contact Information


Tel: (469) 315-4392​


6220 Chase Oaks Blvd. Suite #104
Plano, TX 75023



Artist at Work

Why is Art Therapy Beneficial?


Doing art utilizes different portions of the brain than mere talk therapy. It utilizes both left and right brain functions that allows for deeper insight on the part of the participant. It can yield the satisfaction of completing an art project and free grief and hurt from remaining embedded in memories. Thus, those who have been stuck in depressed thinking patterns can begin to emerge from destructive thought patterns.

Who Can Benefit From Art Therapy?


Everyone! The therapeutic use of art can be fun and encouraging for all people. Those with developmental challenges, mental and emotional needs, physical challenges, and parents and caregivers of those with special needs are especially benefitted.

What Are The Benefits Of Art Therapy? 


Benefits include reduction of stress, a release of emotions, distraction from chronic pain, help with mental, emotional, social, and physical development, and spiritual growth.

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